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"Tales from under sea" - last entry for this blog..2012

"Tales from under sea"
by Zhana D' Arte

My dear folks, this will be my last entry on this blog. I am starting with a new project, 
so I've wanted to say goodbye for now."Tales from under sea" is actually an introduction 
for my new artwork. As soon as I have more to share, I will post the link to my new sites.
I wish U all the best and thank U for visiting my sites.
With love

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Friday, April 20, 2012

My baby crib - the year of the water dragon 2012

My waterdragon, moon and stars baby crib.
Acrylics on wood
This is just a little preview of my baby crib Ive made.
I cant work more at the moment, because I will give soon birth to my little water dragon baby boy :)
But as soon as I have more time, I will post the FINAL work on the internet..
Thanx to all Ur support and to all lovely people who gave me always strength and love.
It isnt easy to be a mom, somebody told me that a few days ago..
And yes it is true, it isnt already easy to have a baby in ur belly for 9months, but we love all those little pains.
My priorities have changed again, and I love every change. I love the fact that my little boy is now my biggest inspiration. I am scared and thrilled at the same moment and I cant wait to see, hug and kiss my boy.
The best quote which was leading me the whole time in this pregnancy is: 

Being pregnant is another big milestone in my life, not only in mine, as well for my hubby.
He was taking care and is taking care all the time, so that I can breathe and rest a bit. 
So did my parents as well. I can say that I am a very lucky girl with such parents. They r helping me a lot, especially my mom. My Mom is the most precious woman I have ever known. I love her more than words could ever express.
Just saying that I am more than grateful to have such parents!

This pregnancy had as well some bad times, bad thoughts and things I never thought they would happen. I have lost some so called friends, who couldnt even call me to ask if I am fine, not just friends, as well people who r much closer than this. That made me sad, really sad. My grandpa died before he could meet his great- grandson... but the worst thing was for sure, that outthere r some people who r mentally ill to threaten pregnant women. This is one thing I will never understand and for sure I will never forgive! I wish those persons just one thing - this what U have wished to me, should be returned to U 3 times more... nothing more, nothing less. I know that I was always decent, polite and "normal" to everybody, with respect. 
Anyway all those bad happenings and stressful days r over. It is the past and everything what is bad, was never worth to be mentioned. So it wont be said ever again. 

The most important thing is that I havent lost my faith. I am happy and sooo thankful that God gave me the greatest gift ever and that he gave me strength to handle all those little problems.

See U all soon in a little bit, now I just want to spend time with my little family...

I wish U all a lot of love, happiness and especially, health. That is the most important thing in life.

Take care of U and Ur beloved ones, tell them how much U care, every day a few times :) and never ever forget to believe in fairy tales...

with  love
Zhana D' Arte

Sunday, February 26, 2012