Friday, June 19, 2009

Snezana's Art equation

Long time ago I was asking myself, Snezana, how would U describe Ur Art?
Well, I knew I love Art, but how to describe Love, when its inside of U,
and no words r enough to show it, or maybe no really fitting words..
maybe my vocabulary has a limit in this case.
Its just like when u r in love...
The first thing is:
I like to observe things, in every little detail, to analyze... and to describe the things I see.
I love Art, that means I respect it.
The word respect comes from the Latin, respicere - to look at.
So when U love something Ur interested in it... It makes me happy, but as well I want to share this happiness and those little things which r around me.

So my Art became to a kind of art equation, it reminds me how everything can be described with a formula...
Im not much into mathematics, but I was always interested in it ;)
Snezana's Art

A= (C+C+C) x (P)= L
Art= (Communication + Constant work + Creativity) x (Passion) = Love
This is I guess the most fitting equation for my art...oh if there r some mathematics geniuses around, and they think its not a real equation, please let me know, want to hear ur opinions!

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