Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Peacock Prince

Thats the 2nd part of the fairy tale "golden apple and the nine peahens(peacock)".
Finally Ive finished it...

"The Peacock Prince"
70cm x 50cm
oil on canvas
Snezana Radulovic

Special Thanx: To Schweppes :D..
To my Mom who always is making the best lemonade
and to my Muses (and friends!!)who r always inspiring :) and teaching me every day,
that the world isnt boring at all, if U just have the right persons beside...
with Love


Sebi said...

Sehr schön! :)

Snezana Radulovic said...

Dankeschön! Bin noch unterwegs bis bald.

Marque Terrynamahr Strickland said...

Wonderful work, my dear!

Carolina Saidenberg said...

This is wonderful! love it!

MarceloJ Bresciani said...

Gostei deste trabalho! Parabéns! Well done!