Sunday, December 26, 2010

Strahinich Ban - our first book

Hello my dear friends,
Ive worked with some of my amazing friends, a lot on our project "strahinich ban". Maybe U have seen already the teaser for the book and some have seen already a sneak peak of the illustrations Ive done, but let me show U the book...
The size of the book is A4 - with 9 illustrations in colour - 64 pages
We have done the English translation of the epic poem "Strahinich Ban". The book has two parts. First part -the english translation and the other part is in Serbian.
300 copies of the book have been printed. Its our first edition. We have sold already several books, so if U want to get a copy let me know, or U can check out our website
As well U can check out our fanpage on facebook:

Aleksandar Biro and me r the founders of Epic Serbia.

Why did we call our project Epic Serbia?
..because we want to share with U epic poems from our country Serbia.
Every country has its history and we want to share those historical poems in a new light, available for everyone. Through our project we want to spread as well, love and hope...
I think art is the perfect tool to spread light, so this is our mission.
We r the light in the age of darkness...

Enjoy Ur holidays! Make a wish for the new year... my wish is to let my baby falcons fly... and they r already flying...:) Thanx to everyone who supported our book. Thanx to my dear Leandro and my Mamasita who helped me a lot!!
Thanx to our chief editor and great friend Dierk..
Thanx to our Djs Nikola and Patrick!
A special thank goes to Aleksandar... because he had to deal with my jumpiness everyday :)) No, seriously.. he is the catalyst of the whole project... the drive for all ideas...
Im really happy to work with all of U!
with Love...
Snezana (Zhanadarte)